Nearby tourist attractions in Targoviste – Dambovita

Old Royal Court Museum, Tower of Chindia, Police Museum, Dealu Monastery, Metropolitan Church, History Museum, Reservation of Bisons, Old Churches, The 1000 years old Oak, Chindia Park, Old Town, Brancovenesc Palace

Most of the sites are within a few minutes of walk from Hotel Dambovita, or a few kilometers by car.

Dambovita is located in the central southern part of Romania and Targoviste is the municipality.

It is a county very close to Bucharest, but safe from the agitation of Bucharest. In Dambovita you have a lot of things to do and places to see.
Due to the proximity of the Southern Carpathian Mountains, you can find many beautiful places worth visiting.

Targoviste as municipality of Dambovita county is a city with a rich history whose traces are still preserved. Targoviste is the old seat of Romania, the place where renowned Vlad Tepes, known as Dracula, reigned.

Few tourists know the history of Targoviste and don’t stop to visit the old city fortress, which still preserves some of the old fortifications and buildings. A city that had the status of the most important economic, political and military political and cultural center of the Romanian country.

Among the concrete constructions built during the communist regime, the traces of the past can be admired in Targoviste.
The city also links the most important event in the contemporary history of Romania, being the place where Ceausescu, the communist dictator, was captured, sentenced and executed in December 1989 during the events of the Revolution.